Wednesday, September 23, 2009

White House kicks off budget-cutting contest????

NO...this is not a joke. This is the most insulting, mickey mouse, condescending, stupid kick in the teeth for taxpayers yet.

First the Obama administration calls $100 million of budget cuts "significant." Now they are treating the whole budget cutting issue in a condescending, insulting way by asking federal employees to make suggestions and awarding a prize.

Here is a thought Mr. President, why don't you just announce that you are not now, nor will you ever be, serious about controlling spending....but, for the love of Pete, STOP with the mickey mouse crap.

The administration kicked off an online contest on Wednesday that will reward a federal employee who proposes the best idea to cut the budget. The winner will meet with the president, and the proposal will be included in his fiscal 2011 budget plan.

The competition is hosted on, a secure Web site operated by the Office of Management and Budget and restricted to government workers. The SAVE site, which stands for Securing Americans Value and Efficiency, allows individuals to submit cost-saving ideas until Oct. 14 -- without the proposals being judged by supervisors. A team of OMB officials will recommend the best submissions to President Obama and a winner will be announced in November.