Saturday, October 03, 2009

19% don't answer parent's call, other cell habits

- 4 in 5 of the respondents said that not receiving a reply to a text message impacted negatively on their mood, whilst 41% said a day without a text message made them feel unpopular and lonely.

- Just 9% of people said they’d actually laughed out loud at anything they’d ever been sent by text despite 61% saying that the popular texting acronym ‘LOL’ was part of their regular texting vocabulary.

- Not one of the 3,138 people surveyed had ‘rolled over the floor laughing’, nor ‘laughed their asses off’.

- 78% of Brits tell somebody they love them on the phone every day

- Just 1 in 15 people said they could go the day without using their mobile phone at some point

- Brits have an average of 50 people in their Phonebook contact list they haven’t contacted since adding their details

- Although people have an average of 95 people in their Phonebook, 69% of people call or text fewer than 8 people every week

- 18% of people have pretended to receive a phone call or text