Monday, October 19, 2009

Gas Tax Talk from Naifeh and Chairman Harmon

Is there a tax that Jimmy Naifeh doesn't want to hike? Last week he said it was gutless not to talk about a general tax increase and in this video a month before he talked about the need for a Gas Tax Hike.

Chairman Bill Harmon looks out at all the lobbyists assembled in the committee room, all eager for more of the taxpayer's money, and says they "should stay in close contact with the department (TDOT) as I know you do, because something is going to have to happen in Tennessee."

I hope he included the lobbyist for the taxpayers in that group...Oh, wait..HE is the lobbyist for the taxpayers in his district. Hope he and the other members of the General Assembly remember that simple fact.

There are MANY highly paid lobbyists who want to dig deeper into the family budgets of Tennessee taxpayers but only the elected members of the General Assembly represent taxpayers.