Friday, October 09, 2009

Healthcare Bill: Corrupt and totally Secret Process

The legislative process has completely broken down. What should happen is that one committee would pass a bill and another committee would pass another bill, then the full Senate would merge the two bills in public with votes and debate. Instead, Reid says he -- not the Senate -- will merge the bills from the HELP and Finance Committees.

I have called around Capitol Hill to find out who has a copy of the bill and none of my high-level contacts know. Top staffers have no idea what’s in the secret bill. They also have no idea where the bill is. All we know for sure is the bill isn’t online for the American people to review.

Nobody can say if the bill will contain controversial items including mandatory abortion coverage in health care plans, covering illegal immigrants, the creation of a public plan and mandates on individuals and/or corporations to have insurance. Only an elite group of liberal politicians knows what’s in the bill.