Thursday, October 15, 2009

Is Jimmy Naifeh talking about a State Income Tax?

It sure sounds that way to me. The historical perspective he offers and the many references to 2002 (the last year of the income tax protests) and all the talk about increases in the sales tax; they are very thinly veiled references to arguments for a State income tax we heard over and over again from Naifeh during the income tax protests.

Rep. Harry Tindell is quick to say it is only Naifeh's opinion and Speaker Williams wants no part of it either but it sure sounds like Jimmy Naifeh is talking income tax.

This is from the House Budget Sub-committee today.

Update: Here is a picture of Jimmy Naifeh from 2001. He is speaking at a Rally which was held by the teacher's union on legislative plaza in support of a State Income Tax.

Update: Here is the money quote....probably better to call it the tax quote.

and here is the full video.