Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Lamar voted YES on all 7 appropriations far

will he go 12 for 12? Could be.

Well, now with the passage of the pork-filled Defense approps bill, 7 of the 12 spending bills have passed the Senate. So which Republican Senators have supported all 7? They are:

Lamar Alexander -- TN
Robert F. Bennett -- UT
Thad Cochran -- MS
Susan Collins -- ME
Orrin G. Hatch -- UT
Kay Bailey Hutchison -- TX
Mike Johanns -- NE
Richard G. Lugar -- IN
Lisa Murkowski -- AK
Richard C. Shelby -- AL
Olympia J. Snowe -- ME
George V. Voinovich -- OH
Roger Wicker -- MS

As in our last post, here are the Senators who have voted NO on all the approps bills:

Tom Coburn -- OK
Jim DeMint -- SC
John McCain -- AZ

John Ensign was previously on this list, but he voted YES on the Defense bill.