Friday, October 16, 2009

More Low Power Radio Stations on the way


But low-power noncommercial radio stations like Mr. Johnston’s, which emerged about 10 years ago in a brief window of eased federal regulation intended to foster competition with the big corporate radio chains, might be soon about to roar, some communications experts say — or at least squeak loudly enough to be heard.

A bill now before Congress, and considered by some low-power radio advocates to have a good chance of passage this year, would potentially double the number of licensed, low-power stations from about 800 now to perhaps 1,600 or more.

The Local Community Radio Act of 2009 is on its way to the full House of Representatives after sailing through the Energy and Commerce Committee with no one voicing any objection. The bill would allow for creation of hundreds of new low-power FM stations by eliminating third adjacent channel protection for existing full-power stations.