Thursday, October 29, 2009

Obama is every leftwing cliche from the last 25 years

Daniel Henninger nails it in his WSJ editorial. Barack Obama is not about hope and change, he is about every labor union activist cliche spouted over the last 25 years.

In public he grits his teeth and says nice things about the free market but in private, my guess is he is aggressively hostile to anything that resembles strong private property rights and a free market. His comrade in arms is Andy Stern of the SEIU. He likely considers Democrats like Evan Bayh or Jim Cooper as naive, dangerous, middle America right wingers. His "solutions" are the same bullet points that could have been pulled from an SEIU recruiting manual in 1970.

Ironically, it is Obama's old nemesis, free market capitalism, that has brought us all to a point where we expect well defined individual choices and instinctively reject the silly assertion that a bloated bureaucracy can offer us anything but arrogant inefficiency...and that is the LAST thing that Americans want in their healthcare.

As they say on Saturday Night Live, Mr Obama, you are living in the past, man!

If we were really living in the world of leading-edge politics that many people thought they were getting with Barack Obama, he would have proposed an iPhone for health care—a flexible system for which all sorts of users could create or choose health-care apps that suited their needs. Over time, with trial and error, a better system would emerge.

No chance of that. Our outdated political software can't recognize trial and error. What ObamaCare is doing with health care—the "public option"—may be fine with the activist left, but I suspect it's starting to strike many younger Americans as at odds with their lives, as not somewhere they want to go. Wait until EPA's ghost busters start enforcing cap-and-trade.

People thought something small, agile and smart was coming to government, but so far it's turning out to be just big-box politics.