Thursday, October 22, 2009

A State Income New Hampshire?

A group of lawmakers gathered at the State House on Wednesday to discuss the impact an income tax would have on the Granite State.

While not having an income or sales tax in New Hampshire has been a selling point in the state, some said it can no longer come at the expense of homeowners and businesses that are left to foot the bill.

The meeting before the House Ways and Means Committee was described as strictly information, but the crowd inside the legislative offices was countered by those outside who believe otherwise.

"I think that their spending is a tactic, and the long-term strategy is to increase the size and scope of government through taxes," said Andy Demers of Citizens for Sensible Legislation.

Fiscal analysts peppered House lawmakers with a variety of viewpoints.

"For the good of New Hampshire, I hope that you think very long and hard before ever considering an income tax," said Jonathan Williams of the Tax and Fiscal Policy Task Force.