Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Taxpayer funded climate hysteria for taxpayers

The sky is falling and it will take taxpayer dollars to prop it up...everybody grab your wallet!!

If global warming raises sea levels in Northeast Florida, taxpayers and wetlands could both be squeezed, a study published Tuesday suggested.

The study, based on federally funded research, predicts that people would try to save most of the dry land in low-lying parts of the region by building defenses like sea walls.

While that would save the houses, the sewers and storm drains and roads built to serve them would have to be raised or redesigned to keep from being swamped. And that would mean the government spending a big chunk of change, one of the authors said.

“All kinds of infrastructure that’s in place is going to have to be raised. … I think it’s going to be too expensive for people to participate in,” said Daniel Trescott, a principal planner at the Southwest Florida Regional Planning Council in Fort Myers.