Monday, October 12, 2009

Unions encouraged members to skip work at DMV

Wonder what those same union bosses would say if taxpayers decided to skip a few tax payments?

Oh, thats right, those same public servants would throw the taxpayers in jail.

SACRAMENTO — Nine California Department of Motor Vehicle offices were forced to close for at least part of Columbus Day when hundreds of state workers skipped work to protest the loss of the paid holiday.

In February, the Legislature eliminated two of state employees' 14 annual paid holidays to save the state $26 million. Employees also lost Lincoln's Birthday when it was combined into a single President's Day.

The Department of Personnel Administration says most employees showed up to work today. But about 560 of the DMV's 4,300 employees — 13 percent — had unauthorized absences.

DMV spokesman Mike Marando says five of the nine offices opened by late morning after employees where shifted from other locations.
Leaders of the largest state employees' union had urged members to skip work in protest.