Sunday, November 01, 2009

Another reason to hate Congress

This NY Times article says "Democrats Push for Plan to Cut Deficit."

PLEASE!! Don't make me laugh. The ONLY Democrat mentioned who seems to be concerned is Kent Conrad and his plan is to put the decision off on somebody else....IT WILL NEVER HAPPEN! It didn't happen when the Republicans were in power and its not going to happen now with the Dems. Everybody knows that and it is journalistic malfeasance for the NY Times to suggest otherwise.

The US Government is slowly but surely going bankrupt and OUR President and OUR Congress are utterly and completely impotent. They stand there wringing their hands as this financial train wreck occurs right in front of them.

I ask again....why would anyone NOT hate Congress?

The military savings the administration projected this year are in question given the buildup in Afghanistan, and it has been unable to close corporate tax loopholes worth many billions of dollars. Interest costs have increased with the bigger debt. And the economic forecast has worsened since Mr. Obama’s first budget.

Proposals for a bipartisan commission could get a vote in late November, when Congress must raise the nation’s nearly $12 trillion debt limit so the Treasury Department can continue borrowing to keep the government running. Measures to raise the legal debt limit have been magnets for anti-deficit amendments in the past.