Sunday, November 29, 2009

Are legislative bodies capable of cutting spending?

NO, they are NOT.

In Tennessee the Governor is reducing spending and the legislature will go along but the General Assembly would never have been able to come to a consensus if the Governor had said, "HERE, you create a budget."

In California and New York there is no strong executive leadership and it's anybody's guess as to how the huge excessive spending, also known as the "budget deficit" to the press, will work itself out. In at least one of these States there will probably be a government shutdown where government labor unions will protest at the Capitol and some half-assed non-solution will put off the real decisions until next year.

At the Federal level Barack Obama is now occasionally talking about alarming deficits but, as with healthcare "reform" and Cap and Trade, he will avoid making any hard decisions himself and will leave the details to Nancy and Harry and they will royally screw it it up.

Legislative bodies are just not very effective at making complex, fine grained decisions of ANY kind.