Friday, November 06, 2009

CA Lawmakers: Pay hike good, pay cut BAD

In States, Tennessee, where legislators outsourced the decision making on their pay and perks and the outside source said a pay hike was needed....well, that was just fine.

BUT, in California, a citizens panel recommended CUTS....GASP!! Sooo, California Lawmakers are suing because, well, it just isn't fair.

Executives of the Assembly and Senate have asked the state attorney general to determine whether the scheduled 18% pay reduction and additional 18% cuts to living expenses and car allowances are illegal. The lowered benefits are due to kick in next month, while base pay is set to be slashed from $116,000 to $95,000, starting with lawmakers elected starting year.

Senate Secretary Greg Schmidt, who co-signed the letter requesting the legal opinion, said the Legislature's top attorney has said the citizens commission that ordered the reductions lacked the power to cut the per diem and car allowances.

"We want to make sure they are legal actions," Schmidt said. "If the compensation commission thinks the action is OK and the legislative counsel says it's not, we need to go to a third party."