Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Baltimore Mayor Guilty of Theft, another trial looms

Jurors said in post-trial interviews that their verdict hinged more on the mayor's abuse of public trust than the dollar amount of the crime.

"It's not that it's 'just gift cards,' " said a juror who identified herself only by her first name, Shawana. The 23-year-old Highlandtown resident said she hoped that people would see a lesson in the conviction: "You can't just do what you want to do ... no matter how famous you are."

Juror Elaine Pollack, a 29-year-old Hampden resident, said, "The denomination doesn't matter. It's a trust issue."


Separately, Dixon is scheduled for a perjury trial in March on charges of failing to disclose gifts from her former boyfriend, Ronald H. Lipscomb, a developer who received lucrative city tax incentives.