Thursday, December 10, 2009

Christmas Shopping styles of men and women

The two approaches to how we used to obtain food mirrors how we shop in modern times, the study believes.

He said women would spend hours trying to find the right outfit, present or object, because they had in the past spent ages trying to find the best quality and health giving foods.

Men on the other hand, decided in advance what animal they wanted to kill and then went looking for it. Once it was found - and killed - they returned home.

Professor Daniel Kruger of the University of Michigan said the study could be the answer to why there was so much conflict when couples shopped together.

He said it could also help couples avoid fights in the shops this Christmas if they understood the reasons why each sex had different ways of deciding on the perfect present.

Foraging was a daily social activity in prehistoric times and often young children were included, much like they are today when women shop, Prof Kruger said.