Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Hey, Republicans can't be THIS Stupid..can they?

Oh yes they can. In the spirit of bipartisanship, or whatever, some Republicans think the idea of an outside commission to decide how to reduce the deficit is just peachy. TAX HIKES, here we come.

This is simply a convenient mechanism for Democrats to FORCE Republicans to HIKE OUR TAXES and Republicans like Lamar Alexander and Bob Corker can throw up their hands in faux frustration and say, "Oh, we had to do it."

After signing a $787 billion economic stimulus and embracing two annual blowout budgets that will double the national debt over 10 years even before ObamaCare, President Obama is poised to pivot next (election) year and denounce the horrors of deficit spending. So the White House is now floating a bipartisan commission to reduce federal borrowing, and much of the political class is all for it.

We only hope Republicans aren't foolish enough to fall down this trap door, though some are already tempted. A budget deficit commission is nothing more than a time-tested ploy to get Republicans to raise taxes. In the 2009 version, Republicans are being teed up to hold hands with Democrats and agree to become the tax collectors for Obamanomics.