Sunday, December 27, 2009

Why are socialists so blind to the miseries of socialism?

But, back to what this all shows us about the thinking of the college-educated socialist/environmentalist elitist. You see, when they were mostly just socialists, it really did not bother them that there was good evidence, which many behind the Iron Curtain knew all too well, that the common man was not faring well in those socialist utopias compared to the poor souls in those nasty sort-of Capitalist countries of the West. No, they were still enthusiastic socialists. How could this be? After all, they claimed they believed in socialism to help the poor and the common man. Well, the reality was they really did not much care about the poor or the common man. How could they? They really thought those people were to be looked down upon. How can you respect anyone you do not even think can manage their own lives? So, when they saw these common people loving NASCAR, then NASCAR became something to be sneered at. The claim of interest in the common man was disingenuous. It was really a lust for power and money and influence and that wonderful feeling of easily acquired moral smugness. They all agreed among themselves that they were wonderful, good, enlightened people.