Wednesday, September 30, 2009

NOT News: Medicaid Fraud is rampant

An audit of the government program in five large states found about 65,000 instances of beneficiaries improperly obtaining potentially addictive drugs at a cost of about $65 million during 2006 and 2007 — including thousands of prescriptions written for dead patients or by people posing as doctors.

The report, by the Government Accountability Office (GAO), represents "an enormous opportunity to save money," says Sen. Tom Carper, D-Del., who has scheduled a hearing today on the findings.

When bills for the doctors' visits are added, along with the potential for Medicaid fraud in states not reviewed by the GAO audit, Carper said, "we're talking hundreds of millions of dollars."

Is this the end of the submissive citizen?

I certainly hope so

About 300 health care workers rallied Tuesday in Albany to protest a new state rule requiring health care workers in hospitals, outpatient clinics and home care services to get vaccinated against both the seasonal flu and the newer H1N1 flu.

The rule is unusual among states because it doesn’t allow workers to abstain for religious reasons; the only exemptions are when the vaccine is medically contraindicated. Exempted workers may need to be reassigned to protect patients.

The state issued the emergency regulation in August to protect patients from acquiring influenza from infected health care workers. Only 40 percent to 50 percent of health care workers got vaccinated when it was encouraged but voluntary, Dr. Richard Daines, state health commissioner, said in an open letter to health care workers.

67% say advertisers Leave Me Alone when I am online

Good news, Americans still value and protect their privacy.

ABOUT two-thirds of Americans object to online tracking by advertisers — and that number rises once they learn the different ways marketers are following their online movements, according to a new survey from professors at the University of Pennsylvania and the University of California, Berkeley.

Chinese Protest Censorship with Grass Mud Horse

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

New Russian Law will give internet control to State

...according to the proposed bill, all providers of the Russian Internet will be forced to provide information on their users, and the new law will impose maximum sentences for hackers to state websites and give the government the right to block the Internet during investigations or emergency situations.

TN 41st in Median Property Taxes Paid

High Tax States voted for Obama, Low Tax States voted for McCain.

Interestingly, the ten states with the highest median real estate taxes paid voted for Barack Obama in the 2008 presidential election, and nine of the ten states with the lowest median real estate taxes paid voted for John McCain (New Mexico voted for President Obama).

2nd Qtr TN Revenue down 11%, less than 17% US Avg


Text of Baucus Bill Public Option Amendment

Its basically a blank check for the Secretary of HHS to do as he or she pleases. A disaster in the making.


Williamson Sheriff Campaigning with taxpayer dollars

Even TDOT is offended by these signs.

Like so many other State and Local Tennessee officials, Jeff Long understands that taxpayer funded signs with his name will greatly increase name ID for his next campaign. Local County clerks like John Arrilloa are probably the most outrageous offenders of this practice.

07 Obama video: Healthcare will cost BIG taxpayer bucks

I am not sure how Barack Obama can justify the discrepancies which are being disclosed by all these pre-presidential videos (one more below). Either he was untruthful then or he is untruthful now? I have no idea but clearly he is quite happy to contradict himself. Delusional, intentional, naive...your guess is as good as mine?

Frist: You will purchase insurance and you will LIKE IT

Bill Frist believes YOUR federal government should FORCE YOU to buy health insurance. Bill Frist believes you are incompetent to make decisions about your own personal welfare and must therefore be coerced by threat of fine and imprisonment to do the "right" thing.

What other behaviors must the federal government correct?

It is time for an individual health insurance mandate for a minimum level of health coverage. Catastrophic coverage would be an appropriate place to start.

The Federal Govt: We make incompetence look good

At a 50 to 1 leverage ratio, the FHA will soon have a smaller capital cushion than did investment bank Bear Stearns on the eve of its crash. (See nearby table.) Its loan delinquency rate (more than 30 days late in payments) is now above 14%, or from two to three times higher than on conventional mortgages. Its cash reserve ratio has fallen by more than two-thirds in three years.

Great Coupon, Money Saving web site:


Monday, September 28, 2009

Conservative Party chosen over the Republican

in New York's 23rd district. Both Fred Thompson and Club for Growth have endorsed the Conservative Party candidate over the Republican Candidate.

Does Bill Frist support the Baucus Plan?

He sent an email to Insty saying NO but the video below indicates very clearly he does support some variation. Terry Frank has some more history including a Larry King interview.

Bill Frist wants us all to know he is big-hearted and cares about the uninsured. Fair enough, but I am not sure how that distinguishes him from anyone else. The question is this: how do we have a healthcare system that doesn't bankrupt our government, preserves our freedoms, and allows everyone to participate.

Click HERE for video.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Questions planned for the 2010 Census

These questions are extraordinarily intrusive. Its not clear what questions are required to be answered and the penalty for not providing an answer.

On page 7a there is this statement:
While these questions are not required by federal law, the following are ways we use
the information: ensuring response accuracy and completeness, contacting respondents with incomplete or missing information, and assigning cases to census operations designed to improve accuracy.
I assume that not answering the succeeding questions, those after page 7a, is lawful.


Vote on the TOP 10 Questions about Healthcare Reform

President Obama has repeatedly told the American people that he seeks a serious, good faith dialogue with us about his health care ideas. But the conversation sounds a lot more like a Presidential monologue than an honest, two-way discussion. Literally millions of Americans have rallied against the proposed Health Care legislation, yet they have been ignored and insulted.

We want to take President Obama up on his offer to hold a serious dialogue on health care.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Friday, September 25, 2009

Leadership Pacs: " Very convenient slush fund"

Pro Publica tells the story of leadership pacs, now the second largest source of funds for Congressional incumbents.


Thinking of you when NO one else cares, We are the...

Howard Dean on using Budget Reconciliation

to pass healthcare reform.

Howard Dean on Health Care Reform: Daily Pulse Video Exclusive from Lindsay Beyerstein on Vimeo.

Jobs? I thought Phil Bredesen could wave his magic

wand and "create" jobs. Why is this economist telling us that many years will be required to create new jobs.

Politicians tell us they know how to "solve" our economic problems...hmmm, doesn't that mean they understand why these problems occurred in the first place and should have been able to prevent them?

Could it be that "government" is just a bunch of people who are not smarter or more virtuous than you and me?

Just a hint of the orgy of bureaucratic idiocy that

will follow cap and trade.

[JURIST] The European Commission (EC) [official website] said Thursday that Poland and Estonia cannot issue new carbon dioxide (CO2) allowances, despite a court victory on Wednesday. The announcement was made by EC Commissioner for the Environment Stavros Dimas, who indicated that the larger allowances proposed by the two nations must be approved [WSJ report] by the EC prior to implementation. On Wednesday, the European Court of First Instance at the Court of Justice of the European Communities [official websites] ruled [case materials] that the EC overstepped its authority in denying the allowances proposed by Poland and Estonia for the period of 2008-2012. While the EC called the data used to calculate the allowances for the two countries unreliable, the court said that the Commission did not describe why they were not reliable. The court decision has already had a collateral effect, as Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi said that Italy should be able to issue additional CO2 allowances [EUobserver report].

You hick constituents just don't understand

For most of the meeting Maffei remained seated until someone had the nerve to ask him if he’s read the health care bill in its entirety. He got out of his chair and started wagging his finger at us, saying he was insulted. He went on to explain to the unwashed masses the history of massive legislation and how very complicated is, which is why we have people like him to represent us. After we left, a friend of mine said she needed to go home and take a shower.

Scott Thomas: Designing the Obama Web Strategy


As the Design Director for Obama's 2008 campaign, Scott Thomas led a now-historic political campaign, in which branding, design, and the web played a truly pivotal role. Likening the experience to "building an airplane in flight," Scott talks about the creative's need for triage, the crucial role of incremental design improvements, and the importance of getting back to the hand and keeping things simple.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Honda Develops New Personal Mobility Device

NY Gov: Taxing the rich more was a big mistake

Of course this statement by the Governor will simply enrage the authoritarians on the left and they will call for limiting migration or forcefully confiscating wealth. For them Freedom is always trumped by so-called "economic justice" but with the understanding that THEY will say what is just.

"You heard the mantra, 'Tax the rich, tax the rich,"' Paterson said Wednesday at a gathering of newspaper editors at an Associated Press event in Syracuse. "We've done that. We've probably lost jobs and driven people out of the state."

"People aren't wedded to a geographic place as they once were. It's a different world," New York Lt. Gov. Richard Ravitch said.

Ravitch said last year's surcharge on income taxes for the next three years won't likely meet budget expectations. He said Albany must look to politically difficult spending cuts, rather than more taxes, to meet a deepening shortfall that Paterson estimated Wednesday could reach $3 billion.

"I don't think they have any choice," Ravitch said. "In my personal opinion, we're at the outer limits of the elasticity of our tax system."

Lamar voted FOR all FIVE appropriations Bills


Back in April Orin Hatch called the appropriations bills "absurd" and "reckless."

Along with these Republican Senators

Lamar Alexander -- TN
Robert F. Bennett -- UT
Thad Cochran -- MS
Susan Collins -- ME
Orrin G. Hatch -- UT
Kay Bailey Hutchison -- TX
Mike Johanns -- NE
Richard G. Lugar -- IN
Lisa Murkowski -- AK
Richard C. Shelby -- AL
Olympia J. Snowe -- ME
George V. Voinovich -- OH
Roger Wicker -- MS

These Republican Senators voted AGAINST all five:

Tom Coburn -- OK
Jim DeMint -- SC
John Ensign -- NV
John McCain -- AZ

Asking an inconvenient question of "environmentalists"

SASR: Self-Aggrandizing Self-Righteousness doesn't like to be questioned.

Inside Bill Moorier's head

A software developer puts his MRI on the web with a very easy to use interface.

25 most awesome homeless guy signs


Joe Saino: Memphiswatchdog profile in Memphisflyer

Great profile of Joe Saino in the Memphis Flyer, a retired 76 year old who is making a huge difference in Memphis politics. His relentless investigation of pension abuse and many other financial irregularities is a great service to Memphis taxpayers. He is a superb example of one person making a huge difference.

I am very proud to call Joe a friend.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

White House kicks off budget-cutting contest????

NO...this is not a joke. This is the most insulting, mickey mouse, condescending, stupid kick in the teeth for taxpayers yet.

First the Obama administration calls $100 million of budget cuts "significant." Now they are treating the whole budget cutting issue in a condescending, insulting way by asking federal employees to make suggestions and awarding a prize.

Here is a thought Mr. President, why don't you just announce that you are not now, nor will you ever be, serious about controlling spending....but, for the love of Pete, STOP with the mickey mouse crap.

The administration kicked off an online contest on Wednesday that will reward a federal employee who proposes the best idea to cut the budget. The winner will meet with the president, and the proposal will be included in his fiscal 2011 budget plan.

The competition is hosted on, a secure Web site operated by the Office of Management and Budget and restricted to government workers. The SAVE site, which stands for Securing Americans Value and Efficiency, allows individuals to submit cost-saving ideas until Oct. 14 -- without the proposals being judged by supervisors. A team of OMB officials will recommend the best submissions to President Obama and a winner will be announced in November.

How we bankrupted the most prosperous Country

in the history of the world.


Elvis Gates?


Very soon, people will say ENOUGH arrogance

That is MY Hope for Change.

Now focus on the spectacle of that handful of men and women daring to think they can design the medical marketplace. They would empower an even smaller group to determine–for millions of diverse Americans–which medical treatments are worthy and at what price.

How do these arrogant, presumptuous politicians believe they can know enough to plan for the rest of us? Who do they think they are? Under cover of helping uninsured people get medical care, they live out their megalomaniacal social-engineering fantasies–putting our physical and economic health at risk in the process.

Will the American people say “Enough!”?

Dem Senator says Big Pharma not being treated fairly


Ok, let me get this straight, the Obama administration has crawled into bed with big Pharma. They negotiated a deal in complete secrecy for the support of big pharma in exchange for lots of favorable PR and paid media. This Democratic Senator has clearly been informed of the details of the deal and he thinks the deal ought to be honored.

Where are the socialists when you need them? HELLO!! Look, I know that lots of extreme terms have been used by a lot of people but I believe this deal embodies the classic definition of fascism. What else would you call it?

Via Ace

John Duncan: only NO vote on unemployment extension

Federal Government spending will NEVER be controlled without a balanced budget amendment to the Constitution.


Tuesday, September 22, 2009

"People will revolt against it" Forced vaccinations

Well, I sure as heck hope so but it is Massachusetts??

Hugo Chavez is a Threat to Democracy?? Ya Think!!!

What in the hell are the 39% thinking?

Polling Data

Do you think the recent actions by the National Government are threatening Venezuela’s democracy?





Not sure


Source: Venezuelan Institute for Data Analysis (IVAD)
Methodology: Interviews with 1,200 Venezuelan adults, conducted from Aug. 18 to Aug. 27, 2009. Margin of error is 2.4 per cent. - Search Twitter Pics

or just watch them scroll by. (many NSFW)

Insurance Co fined for offering lower rates to church goers

LOUISVILLE, Ky. - An insurance company has agreed to pay almost $75,000 in fines to settle a religious discrimination claim.

The Justice Department announced the settlement Friday involving Des Moines, Iowa-based Guideone Mutual Insurance Co. and two authorized agents, which had advertised special homeowners' and renters' benefits called FaithGuard to "churchgoers" and "persons of faith."

Under the agreement, the defendants must pay a total of $29,500 to three plaintiffs and $45,000 as a civil penalty.

GuideOne had offered the FaithGuard endorsement in at least 19 states. It must cease the practice under the agreement.

The lawsuit was the result of complaints filed by an atheist, an agnostic, and the Lexington Fair Housing Council. The complaint was filed in U.S. District Court for the Western District of Kentucky in conjunction with a proposed consent decree.

Harry Reid gets himself some Carcinogenic Pork

WASHINGTON — The Nevada Cancer Institute, in Las Vegas, may not have a national reputation as a clinic or a research facility. But it does have the ear of its state’s senior senator, Harry Reid, the Democratic leader. And that is why the four-year-old institute could reap a big gain in federal reimbursements as part of the health care overhaul.

After months of noisy public debates over big policy ideas like universal coverage and a public insurance option, the health care legislation is getting down to the fine print. This is the time when powerful members of Congress customarily tuck in their pet projects, either to please their constituencies or as sweeteners to win the votes of lawmakers who may be sitting on the fence.

Obama admin can NOT tolerate free speech

This is CLEARLY an effort to squelch free speech by an administration that sees its own motives in a god-like light and sees its opponents as the devil incarnate.


WASHINGTON – The government is investigating a major insurance company for allegedly trying to scare seniors with a mailer warning they could lose important benefits under health care legislation in Congress.

The Health and Human Services Department launched its investigation of Humana after getting a complaint from Sen. Max Baucus, D-Mont., a senior lawmaker usually viewed as a reliable ally of the insurance industry.

"It is wholly unacceptable for insurance companies to mislead seniors regarding any subject — particularly on a subject as important to them, and to the nation, as health care reform," Baucus said Monday, disclosing the HHS investigation.

Humana Inc., headquartered in Louisville, Ky., is cooperating with the investigation and stopped the mailer earlier this month, company spokesman Tom Noland said Monday.

Arrogance, thy name is Obama Bureaucrat


When it comes to greenhouse-gas emissions, Energy Secretary Steven Chu sees Americans as unruly teenagers and the Administration as the parent that will have to teach them a few lessons.


Energy Secretary Chu: A teaching moment (AP)

Speaking on the sidelines of a smart grid conference in Washington, Dr. Chu said he didn’t think average folks had the know-how or will to to change their behavior enough to reduce greenhouse-gas emissions.

If Lottery Tickets told the TRUTH (Profanity)


Monday, September 21, 2009

Upload MP3 audio files to YouTube

Link via Makeuseof

How important is Democracy? Pretty Damned

Polling Data

How important it is for you to live in a country that is governed democratically? (Totals reflect the average of all nations polled).

Very important


Somewhat important


Not very important


Not at all important



Methodology: Interviews with 21,285 respondents in 24 nations that comprise 64 percent of the world's population, including most of the largest nations--China, India, the United States, Indonesia, Nigeria, Pakistan, Russia and South Africa--as well as Argentina, Chile, Mexico, Germany, Great Britain, France, Israel, Poland, Azerbaijan, Ukraine, Kenya, Egypt, Turkey, Iraq, the Republic of Korea, and Palestine. The margins of error range from +/-2 to 4 per cent. The surveys were conducted from Apr. 4 to Jun. 30, 2009.

Why not allow MORE competition? and Axelrod says...

Well Wolf, I don't really have a good answer for that. At lease no good answer I can talk about because all of this healthcare reform is REALLY about more money and power for our political friends.

Four Middle TN Counties facing Tax Hikes




How to REALLY Save Healthcare Costs

99% savings in some procedures via Medical Tourism.

Free Speech Issues

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Wilson County Wheel Tax Voting

The referendum is to be held Thursday, Oct. 1. If approved, the measure would increase the wheel tax to $50 which would allow funding for a new LHS and to buy property for a future replacement building for WHS.

As written, the wheel tax would drop back to $25 once the debt is retired on a new LHS and the property for a new WHS.

Early voting continues now through Saturday, Sept. 26. You may vote at the Wilson County Election Commission on East Main Street in Lebanon, at the Mt. Juliet Community Center in Charlie Daniels Park in Mt. Juliet and at the Watertown Community Center in Watertown. Polling places are open from 8 a.m. until 6 p.m., Monday through Friday, and from 8 a.m. until 1 p.m., Saturday.

Obama Economic Approval/Disapproval

ABC News/Washington Post Poll. Sept. 10-12, 2009. N=1,007 adults nationwide. MoE ± 3.5 (for all adults).

"Do you approve or disapprove of the way Obama is handling [see below]?"


"The economy"















"The federal budget deficit" Half sample (Form B)













Friday, September 18, 2009

Setting up stage Amer Libert Rally

Monday, September 14, 2009

Please Join us Friday: Thomas Paine will be there

Event: American Liberty Rally

Nashville's Municipal Auditorium

Who: Joe the Plumber, Ralph Bristol, Danny Tarkanian (Harry Reid's Opponent), Bob Basso as Thomas Paine and many others.

Date: This Friday Sept 18

When: 6PM but get there early, doors open at 5PM

Sponsor: Tennessee Tea Party

Sunday, September 13, 2009

American Liberty Rally FRIDAY Sept 18 6PM

Where: Nashville's Municipal Auditorium

Who: Joe the Plumber, Ralph Bristol, Danny Tarkanian (Harry Reid's Opponent), Bob Basso as Thomas Paine and many others.

Date: This Friday Sept 18

When: 6PM but get there early, doors open at 5PM

Some 9-12 DC signs from FLICKR

More Flicker 9-12 Photostream here.

UK Govt issues "snoopers handbook" for tax assesors

The UK government's voracious appetite for ever-more tax revenue has resulted in a defacto enslavement of taxpayers.

In July, The Mail on Sunday revealed that the Valuation Office Agency is compiling a database that will give all 23million homes in England one of 100 ‘dwelling house codes’, which are expected to form the basis of a council tax revaluation if Labour wins the next Election.

Middle-income families are likely to bear the brunt of any tax increases as the Government struggles to fill the black hole on its balance sheet caused by the recession.

The handbook, complete with audio commentary, sets out how inspectors can catch homeowners who have so-called ‘value significant’ features.
One exercise reads: ‘Your office has been informed the roofspace has been converted into a fourth bedroom. Your task is to establish whether existing details [for the house] require amendment.’

Another states that ‘information has been obtained’ about a house that has been ‘extended to include another living room and two new bedrooms with en suites. It also emerges that the house has a partial view of the mountains’.

UK Taxpayers say "Cut the size of Government"

Link HT: Legal Isurrection
Voters are overwhelmingly in favour of cutting public spending rather than tax rises to close the budget black hole, a Sunday Times/YouGov poll finds today.

Sixty per cent want to shrink the size of the state to curb the £175 billion deficit amid mounting government disarray over the public finances.

The survey finds that just 21% would prefer the government to raise taxes to close the growing gap between what the Treasury spends and what it receives in revenue.

The findings will put further pressure on Gordon Brown, who has already announced plans for increases in income tax for the wealthy and in National Insurance.

Daniel Hannan was RIGHT:

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Washington Post Picture Gallery 9-12 DC


One of the better DC crowd videos I have seen

More coverage from local DC TV, this from ABC 7

Nashville 9-12 gets underway

Local DC Coverage: NBC Affiliate


View more news videos at:

Wow, the DC crowd builds

Another view

UPDATE: Yet another pic

UPDATE: more recent pic

This picture from a DC traffic cam HERE.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Nashville 9-12 Event-Legislative Plaza-Ray Stevens


SEPTEMBER 12, 2009 12PM-5PM!


Please join us for a day of Remembrance & Patriotism!

National Anthem performed by Lori Finchum

Presentation of Colors, Marine Veterans

Ray Stevens, performing his new song 10%!


Danielle Carroll, Scott Ewing, Lesley McDaniel

Jeff Senters and Patriot Pride Band


Ben Cunningham, TN Tax Revolt,

Michael DeGiorno, 99.7 Super talk,

Don Strong US Congress Candidate 4th District,

Dave Evans, US Congress Candidate 5th District

The Oathkeepers

Charities that we are supporting

Name that Socialist:

who said:

...a "moderate rise" in taxes was necessary to "to guarantee sufficient capacity to meet the needs of providing social protection and investing in infrastructure."

The answer is HERE

Poll finds Californians don't trust their Government

Among Californians overall, 73% said state government was run for the benefit of the few.Among those who vote most often, that number rose to 79%. Only 23% of Californians said they could trust the state government to "do what is right" most or all of the time. Three out of every five Californians said they believe that government wastes "a lot" of the money paid in taxes. Only 5% said there was little waste.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Justin does a whack-a-mole on President's Speech

Great job by TCPR to demolish all the scare tactics by our President who just loves to self-righteously condemn scare tactics.

Fed Govt kept records of bad healthcare workers, BUT

kept them secret. And you want WHO to control healthcare??

Twenty-two years ago, the federal government started keeping a list of nurses, nurse aides, pharmacists and pharmacy aides who've been disciplined by state licensing boards. It's called the Healthcare Integrity and Protection Data Bank.

But hospitals and nursing homes aren't allowed to see the database.

By law, it was supposed to be open to hospitals and nursing homes when they hire staff and want to run a background check. But the Department of Health and Human Services never completed the regulation implementing the law. Turns out, slow-moving bureaucracy is the main culprit.

"There's really no reason for it at all," says Dr. Sidney Wolfe, who runs the consumer advocacy organization Public Citizen's Health Research Group.

Wolfe notes that there are more than 102,000 nurses, nurse aides, pharmacists and pharmacy assistants who've been disciplined and included in the registry, but that hospitals and nursing homes can't check the data bank. There's also a separate, national data bank of doctors who've been disciplined, he adds, and that list can be checked by hospitals.

Joe Wilson is an amateur, we need pros

Unions and Trial Lawyers the big winners in "reform"

If, in fact, you believe the President's healthcare reform is actually about "reform" then a large bridge in Brooklyn might be a very attractive addition to your retirement portfolio.

Link HT: Terry Frank
The current House version of ObamaCare (H.R. 3200) goes much further. Section 225(A) grants Secretary of Health and Human Services Kathleen Sebelius tremendous discretionary authority to regulate health-care workers "under the public health insurance option." Monopoly bargaining and compulsory union dues may quickly become a required standard resulting in potentially hundreds of thousands of doctors and nurses across the country being forced into unions.

Ms. Sebelius will be taking her marching orders from the numerous union officials who are guaranteed seats on the various federal panels (such as the personal care panel mentioned above) charged with recommending health-care policies. Big Labor will play a central role in directing federal health-care policy affecting hundreds of thousands of doctors, surgeons and nurses.

Consider Kaiser Permanente, the giant, managed-care organization that has since 1997 proudly touted its labor-management "partnership" in scores of workplaces. Union officials play an essentially co-equal role in running many Kaiser facilities. AFL-CIO President John Sweeney called the Kaiser plan "a framework for what every health care delivery system should do" at a July 24 health-care forum outside of Washington, D.C.

TN Restaurant and Food Store Inspection Scores

Food Stores

Obama misses a teachable moment to learn

Here it is in graph form from the CBO:

Kentucky Repeals State Income Tax

for active duty military:

Kentucky Gov. Steve Beshear visited Fort Campbell Wednesday for a ceremonial signing of House Bill 3, which exempts all active-duty military personnel from the commonwealth's income tax. The exemption also includes members of the reserve and National Guard.

"This is meaningful to Kentucky," Beshear said after the ceremony. "This is our small way of saying thank you to soldiers for serving for Kentucky and the entire country."

After signing the bill, the governor said it was also a way to help Kentucky compete with Tennessee, which has no state income tax.