Thursday, December 31, 2009

SEIU scores a victory over California Taxpayers

Alameda County Superior Court Judge Frank Roesch said the administration must halt the furloughs for workers represented by three unions, including Service Employees International Union Local 1000, which represents 95,000 state employees.
SEIU spokesman Jim Zamora said the ruling could affect up to 50,000 employees across state government who work at so-called "special fund" agencies, or those that receive money from sources other than the state general fund.

It was not immediately clear whether the decision would apply to employees not represented by the three unions that brought the case.

Roesch ruled against Schwarzenegger's furlough orders on two fronts: He said the administration could not take the action against employees in special fund agencies. He also said Schwarzenegger had overstepped his authority by claiming the furloughs were necessary to deal with a budgetary emergency.

Cartoon: "That will freak somebody out some day"

"Emergency (federal) employees are expected to report for work on time."

Because of a slight threat of snow federal employees don't have to report for work today. But, don't worry, after a major terrorist attack, "Emergency employees are expected to report for work on time."

Federal agencies in the Washington, DC, area are OPEN under an UNSCHEDULED LEAVE policy.

  • Employees who cannot report for work may request unscheduled leave for their entire scheduled workday. Employees must notify their supervisors of their intent to take unscheduled leave.
  • Emergency employees are expected to report for work on time.

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Scott Brown TV Ad-Special Election for Mass Senate

Scott Brown is the Republican in the Jan. 19 special election to fill the unexpired term of Ted Kennedy in Massachusetts. The National Republican Party has written off his campaign but TeaParty Groups are getting involved and he is definitely picking up momentum. You can donate at

PA Public School buys ads to compete with private schools

HT: Intercepts

"The reality of education today is that, even as a public school, we have to promote ourselves," said Michael Golde, superintendent of the Millcreek Township School District, where McDowell is the only high school. "Education is much more competitive than in the past. We need to self-promote and tell people what we have."

Rich Bagin, executive director of the National School Public Relations Association, said public school advertising is "more prevalent than it's ever been in the last seven or eight years."

He said schools usually advertise because they're trying to bring in students, and money can be tied to enrollment.

Congress STOLE $2.5 Trillion of Social Security money

In 1983, in response to the recommendations of the 1982 Presidential Commission on Social Security, Congress enacted a hefty hike in payroll taxes. The tax hike was designed to gradually prepay, over a period of more than 25 years, much of the cost of Social Security benefits for the baby-boomer generation.

That tax increase has generated approximately $2.5 trillion in surplus revenue, which would have been enough to pay full benefits until at least 2037, if the annual surpluses had been saved and invested, as they were supposed to be. Unfortunately, none of the surplus revenue was saved and invested. Dishonest politicians from both political parties used the surplus as a giant slush fund and spent every dollar of it on other government programs.

Welcome to the USA: The Newest Banana Republic


This legislation is a gigantic give-away to interest groups like the AMA, AARP, the pharmaceutical industry, and the insurance industry. The share prices of insurance companies are at a 52-week high in anticipation of the profits to come. Just as these groups spent millions in advertising to support this legislation, they will spend even more in campaign contributions to protect it in the future.

While most of the American people oppose this legislation, and will hate it even more once they find out what is in it, the Washington elite doesn’t care. The politicians are now firmly in charge of the entire American economy. They have made themselves into Grand Poobahs who will dole out favors to their friends and punish their opponents.

Second term for Obama? 44% say unlikely


Polling Data

Do you think each of these is likely or unlikely to happen in the next 10 years? - Barack Obama re-elected as President of the United States

Very likely / Moderately likely


Moderately unlikely / Very unlikely


Not sure


Source: Angus Reid Public Opinion
Methodology: Online interviews with 1,006 American adults, conducted on Dec. 17 and Dec. 18, 2009. Margin of error is 3.1 per cent.

Lefty Rachel Maddow on Teaparty Movement

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

Dave Barry: Year in Review

It was a year of Hope -- at first in the sense of ``I feel hopeful!'' and later in the sense of ``I hope this year ends soon!''

It was also a year of Change, especially in Washington, where the tired old hacks of yesteryear finally yielded the reins of power to a group of fresh, young, idealistic, new-idea outsiders such as Nancy Pelosi. As a result Washington, rejecting ``business as usual,'' finally stopped trying to solve every problem by throwing billions of taxpayer dollars at it and instead started trying to solve every problem by throwing trillions of taxpayer dollars at it.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

10 Years of Cable News Ratings


Hey, Republicans can't be THIS Stupid..can they?

Oh yes they can. In the spirit of bipartisanship, or whatever, some Republicans think the idea of an outside commission to decide how to reduce the deficit is just peachy. TAX HIKES, here we come.

This is simply a convenient mechanism for Democrats to FORCE Republicans to HIKE OUR TAXES and Republicans like Lamar Alexander and Bob Corker can throw up their hands in faux frustration and say, "Oh, we had to do it."

After signing a $787 billion economic stimulus and embracing two annual blowout budgets that will double the national debt over 10 years even before ObamaCare, President Obama is poised to pivot next (election) year and denounce the horrors of deficit spending. So the White House is now floating a bipartisan commission to reduce federal borrowing, and much of the political class is all for it.

We only hope Republicans aren't foolish enough to fall down this trap door, though some are already tempted. A budget deficit commission is nothing more than a time-tested ploy to get Republicans to raise taxes. In the 2009 version, Republicans are being teed up to hold hands with Democrats and agree to become the tax collectors for Obamanomics.

Only one Texting-while-driving conviction in Tennessee


Texting while driving has been illegal in Tennessee since July 1st. While law enforcement officials know there’s lots of law breaking going on, the state has convicted only one driver for texting behind the wheel.

The question traffic cops are asking themselves is “what is texting?” Lt. David Corman of the Metro Police traffic division says placing a phone call could be just as distracting.

“What’s the difference between looking at your phone and scrolling down to find a phone number and pushing the send button, opposed to actually texting? How do you distinguish the difference of those two?”

Corman says a driver could also be sending an email or even browsing the Internet.

Senate Health Bill: Pay Now, Benefits Later


Georgia Dem Senate Candidate Speaks at TeaParty Townhall


Entitlement Creep Exemplified

  • 1965, Medicare health insurance authorized for all Americans over age 65 along with Medicaid that covers both seniors and the poor. Somehow for 190 years Americans were able to make do without it.
  • 2006, Largest expansion of Medicare since origin in also covering prescription drugs but only to and beyond a certain point, leaving what’s referred to as a “doughnut hole.”
  • 2009, With the nation running a historic deficit that’s skyrocketing and having just passed a budget-busting health care bill in the Senate, Sen. Maj. Leader Harry Reid declares of the “doughnut hole” we must “forever end this indefensible injustice for American’s seniors.”

Tea Party Groups Growing in North Georgia


There's a political movement percolating in North Georgia, and it's picking up steam.

Catoosa, Gilmer and Walker counties have tea party groups, and new ones are forming in Dade and Whitfield counties.

"My desire is to go through all of the (Georgia's) 9th Congressional District and organize tea parties," said James Groce, a leader with the Tea Party of Walker County.

Teresa Tatum, a leader of Catoosa County Patriots, said modern-day tea party groups loosely are named after the Boston Tea Party of 1773.

"It's not that we're protesting taxation without representation, but we're definitely against the progressive tax system and we believe that it's unconstitutional," she said.

Mr. Groce said his tea party days started on April 15, when he joined the tax day protest in LaFayette, Ga. Protesters gathered in Washington, D.C., and around the nation that day to speak out against government spending. Since then, local tea parties have organized to keep an eye on politics throughout the year.

Cartoon: Terrorist Red Flag


Cartoon: "...and this time I really mean it..."

Monday, December 28, 2009

Atlas of Egyptian Art

from the always exceptional BibliOddyssey blog.

Data mining finds huge Welfare Fraud in Los Angeles

Experts estimate as much as $300 billion a year is lost to health and welfare fraud in the United States - about half of it to organized crime.

In 2007, the county's civil grand jury estimated child-care fraud costs county taxpayers $500 million annually. Last year, the civil grand jury found "scam artists" were "embedded" inside DPSS' IHSS program, which provides in-home care to elderly and disabled people.

"Welfare fraud is a huge problem in Los Angeles County," said Patrick Sequeira, the assistant head deputy in the district attorney's Welfare Fraud Division.

Chris Matthews: Saul Alinsky "one of our heroes"

Politico: The Healthcare Bill Timeline

It’s the Monday after Christmas. If you’re just plugging back in after a few glorious days off the grid, not to worry. Pulse: Post-Holiday Edition has what you need to know. “I just wanna use the Pulse tonight.”

WORK STARTS THIS WEEK -- Senate Finance Committee Chairman Max Baucus said key staff and members will begin the conference committee talks by phone this week. A Senate Democratic leadership aide said the staff work on the Senate side will begin in earnest next week with key senators returning the week of Jan. 11. On the House side, leadership and committee aides are expected to start meeting this week and the relevant chairmen are expected to be back in Washington the first week in January. Rank-and-file members will return the week after. After the Christmas Eve vote, Sens. Joe Lieberman and Ben Nelson talked of the challenges of the coming conference committee. "Splitting the difference here could well break the 60 vote consensus," Lieberman told reporters. House progressives are pushing to make insurance more affordable – probably by increasing subsidies for coverage. But Nelson reiterated his position Thursday that he doesn't want to see the bill’s price tag go much above the Senate’s number of $871 billion. "Obviously you can always make things more affordable. More affordable for individuals, less affordable for our government and taxpayers," Nelson said. And on Sunday, White House spokesman Robert Gibbs told ABC News that the Senate abortion language comes closer to what the president wants than the House version.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

TSA Cartoon: Sorry sir, only one carry-on

The adolescent anti-business mindset

Health insurance companies may not always act as we would wish, especially since we expect them to function not as actual insurance but as automatic deep pockets for ongoing, foreseeable medical consumption. But to interpret their behavior exclusively as a function of the profit motive is absurd when they operate in a market distorted by government mandates on coverage and limits on where and how they can operate, mandates that are only going to become more complex under the new bills. And whether health care is backstopped by insurance companies or the government will not make a huge difference in the looming question of how society as a whole will pay for ever more complex and costly procedures to prolong human existence past its natural shelf life.

Businesses make negligent as well as reckless mistakes, and irrationality takes as large a toll on economic behavior as on other forms of behavior. Some owners and employees are crooks. I know of no evidence that the scoundrel factor is higher in business than in politics or the non-profit sector, however. Government regulation of business is inevitable; externalities like pollution and noise cannot easily be reduced to optimal levels through market exchange. But let regulation be done with trepidation and humility, in recognition of our ignorance of the myriad factors that go into vibrant economic life. Is it too much to hope that even if most elected bodies are immaculately free of anyone who has owned a business, that some small portion of the political class try hard to imagine the difficulty of charting future growth and hiring with no idea what tax levels or regulatory mandates will be in coming years, much less the difficulty of operating under a burdensome regime of existing taxes and regulations?

It is the ingratitude that kills me the most among anti-business types. The materials that furnish a single room in an American home required daring, perseverance, and organizational skill from millions of individuals over generations. I hope they all got filthy rich.

GOP Senators voted for Huge Medicare Expansion

6 years ago.

WASHINGTON (AP) -- Democrats are troubled by the inconsistency of Republican lawmakers who approved a major Medicare expansion six years ago that has added tens of billions of dollars to federal deficits, but oppose current health overhaul plans.

All current GOP senators, including the 24 who voted for the 2003 Medicare expansion, oppose the health care bill that's backed by President Barack Obama and most congressional Democrats.

The Democrats claim that their plan moving through Congress now will pay for itself with higher taxes and spending cuts and they cite the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office for support.

By contrast, when Republicans controlled the House, Senate and White House in 2003, they overcame Democratic opposition to add a deficit-financed prescription drug benefit to Medicare. The program will cost a half-trillion dollars over 10 years, or more by some estimates.

With no new taxes or spending offsets accompanying the Medicare drug program, the cost has been added to the federal debt.

Some Republicans say they don't believe the CBO's projections that the health care overhaul will pay for itself. As for their newfound worries about big government health expansions, they essentially say: That was then, this is now.

Six years ago, "it was standard practice not to pay for things," said Sen. Orrin Hatch, R-Utah. "We were concerned about it, because it certainly added to the deficit, no question." His 2003 vote has been vindicated, Hatch said, because the prescription drug benefit "has done a lot of good."

Dem Gameplan: Force GOPers to call for full repeal

This is interesting: Dems in charge of winning Senate seats say they hope to put Republicans on the spot in 2010 by demanding that they say whether they support a full repeal of health care reform, presuming it has passed by then.

The move represents a gamble on the part of Dems. They are hoping that if and when the now-unpopular proposal passes, the electorate will warm to it, giving Dems an opening to box Republicans in by asking: Do you support a full rollback of the legislation, taking reform gains away from voters, or do you support leaving reforms you opposed in place?

“Republicans on the ballot next November who opposed the bill will be in the precarious position of telling voters they plan to rollback landmark health care reform which will have afforded coverage to hundreds of thousands in their state,” DSCC spokesman Eric Schultz emails.

“We absolutely intend to make Republicans look voters in the eye next November and make it clear they want to take affordable health care reform away from them,” Schultz continues, adding that they intend to press the case that “if it was worth filibustering” to Republicans, then surely it’s “worth repealing.”

Bodyskating the Alps


Two Ministers charged with preaching without a license

A fascinating account, just digitized and put online by the national archives, of a 1707 trial of Two Presbyterian ministers charged with preaching without a license. (see full press release HERE.) An extraordinary insight into the oppression of religious freedom, among others, that lead to the American Revolution.

HERE is a link to the page from which the image was taken.

State and National Archives in the United States

State and National Archives in the United States

National Archives and Records Administration

Alabama Department of Archives and History

Alaska State Archives

Arizona History and Archives Division

Arkansas Historical Commission

California State Archives

Colorado State Archives

Connecticut State Archives

Delaware Public Archives

State Archives of Florida

Georgia Archives and History Division

Hawaii State Archives

Idaho State Historical Society: Library and Archives

Illinois State Archives

Indiana State Archives

State Historical Society of Iowa

Kansas State Historical Society

Kentucky Department of Libraries and Archives

Louisiana State Archives

Maine State Archives

Maryland State Archives

Massachusetts Archives

Archives of Michigan

Minnesota State Archives

Mississippi Department of Archives and History

Missouri State Archives

Montana Historical Society

Nebraska State Historical Society

Nevada State Library and Archives

New Hampshire Division of Archives and Records Management

New Jersey Division of Archives and Records Management

New Mexico Commission of Public Records: State Records Center and Archives

New York State Archives

North Carolina State Archives

State Historical Society of North Dakota

Ohio State Archives

Oklahoma State Archives and Records Management

Oregon State Archives

Pennsylvania State Archives

Rhode Island State Archives

South Carolina Department of Archives and History

South Dakota Historical Society

Tennessee State Library and Archives

Texas State Library and Archives Commission

Utah State Archives

Vermont State Archives

Library of Virginia

Washington State Archives

West Virgina State Archives

Wisconsin Historical Society

Wyoming State Archives

Why are socialists so blind to the miseries of socialism?

But, back to what this all shows us about the thinking of the college-educated socialist/environmentalist elitist. You see, when they were mostly just socialists, it really did not bother them that there was good evidence, which many behind the Iron Curtain knew all too well, that the common man was not faring well in those socialist utopias compared to the poor souls in those nasty sort-of Capitalist countries of the West. No, they were still enthusiastic socialists. How could this be? After all, they claimed they believed in socialism to help the poor and the common man. Well, the reality was they really did not much care about the poor or the common man. How could they? They really thought those people were to be looked down upon. How can you respect anyone you do not even think can manage their own lives? So, when they saw these common people loving NASCAR, then NASCAR became something to be sneered at. The claim of interest in the common man was disingenuous. It was really a lust for power and money and influence and that wonderful feeling of easily acquired moral smugness. They all agreed among themselves that they were wonderful, good, enlightened people.

Great Blog: Verve, New Breed of Documentary Photographers


World Press Photos of the Year

A man tries to crawl through the border fence from Zimbabwe to South Africa.

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Unlimited Borrowing, Big Bonuses for Fannie/Freddie

The Obama administration, while condemning Wall Street bonuses, authorized huge bonuses for executives of the government giants Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. They also authorized unlimited borrowing on the taxpayer's credit card for both the government lending giants. All this done over the Christmas weekend to minimize news coverage.

But even as the administration was making this open-ended financial commitment, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac disclosed that they had received approval from their federal regulator to pay $42 million in Wall Street-style compensation packages to 12 top executives for 2009.

The compensation packages, including up to $6 million each to Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac's chief executives, come amid an ongoing public debate about lavish payments to executives at banks and other financial firms that have received taxpayer aid. But while many firms on Wall Street have repaid the assistance, there is no prospect that Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac will do so.

Friday, December 25, 2009

The US Debt Turkey Flying Home to Roost

Interest on the US Federal Debt will be going UP as the economy recovers. Add Trillions in unfunded Medicare and Social Security liability and we will be pushing the deficit deeper and deeper into the red.

Dec. 25 (Bloomberg) -- Treasuries fell, with the difference in yields between 2- and 10-year notes widening to a record amount, as investors bet the U.S. recovery will fuel inflation and reduce demand at the government’s debt auctions.

The 10-year note’s yield climbed to the highest level in four months as reports showed increases in sales of existing homes and orders for durable goods. The U.S. will sell a record- tying $118 billion of 2-, 5- and 7-year notes next week.

“We are in a steepening trend,” said John Spinello, chief technical strategist in New York at Jefferies Group Inc., one of the Federal Reserve’s 18 primary dealers, which are required to bid at government debt auctions. “It was the recognition that the Treasury will be extending the debt as we know it and the economy is showing signs of recovery.”

Police stop kid's $10k Giveaway of Grandparent's cash

MUNCIE -- A Selma Elementary fifth-grader brought $10,331 to school Friday and began passing it out on the school bus before the adults caught on and the jig was up.

He had handed out just $300 to other children before school officials put a halt to the junior Robin Hood's gift-giving.

The money, according to Delaware County sheriff's deputies, belonged to the boy's custodial grandparents. They believe the cash was in the grandparents' safe and don't know yet how the boy accessed it.

Principal Joel Mahaffey declined to talk about the incident, but could say confidently that "I doubt any of our administrators have experienced this before."

The boy went home from school with his grandmother.

Dancing Christmas Robots from Japan

Those Chinese Rulers are really feeling the Christmas Spirit

China's leading dissident, Liu Xiaobo, has been sentenced to 11 years in prison for his role in organising last year's Charter 08 petition which called for democratic political reforms in China.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Dems celebrate after the vote: JibJab

Try JibJab Sendables® eCards today!

Senator: GOP unlikely to be able to repeal health bill

Republicans are unlikely to repeal the health reform legislation before Congress if they take control of the House and Senate, a GOP senator conceded Wednesday.

Sen. Mike Crapo (R-Idaho) said Republicans are unlikely to be able to repeal the legislation anytime in the near future.

"Technically it could be peeled back if the circumstances were right," Crapo said during an appearance on a conservative news radio syndicate. "But we would have to have a president who would sign such a bill, and we would have to have 60 votes in the Senate -- not just 50."

"So it would be a very tall order, and frankly, the likelihood's that that's not going to develop in the near future," he added.

It is time for the American People to Wake Up

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Taxpayers compensated FAR less than TaxTakers

Taxtakers have political power, taxpayers do NOT.

Even More evidence that Congress is corrupt

When will we stop this perversion of the Constitution?


A retired Florida couple would appear an unlikely source to have given $83,000 in campaign donations over a five-year period to members of Congress from all over the country.

Both in their 80s, they lived in a $118,000 Daytona Beach house they didn't own; they each voted only twice since 1992; and they seemed to lack the financial means to make the contributions.

Yet, both were listed as having given dozens of donations to lawmakers, nearly half of which went to members of the House Appropriations Committee - legislators who were especially important to their then-son-in-law, superlobbyist Paul Magliocchetti, who owned the house in which they lived.

Mr. Magliocchetti is now the focus of a federal investigation into whether he made illegal campaign contributions by reimbursing people, or "straw donors," who made contributions in their names to his favored candidates - helping the lobbyist avoid federal limits on his personal donations.

How China wrecked Copenhagen and humiliated

Western leaders like Barack. An on the ground account of why this silly exercise in cumbaya politics was destined to fail.

So how did China manage to pull off this coup? First, it was in an extremely strong negotiating position. China didn't need a deal. As one developing country foreign minister said to me: "The Athenians had nothing to offer to the Spartans." On the other hand, western leaders in particular – but also presidents Lula of Brazil, Zuma of South Africa, Calderón of Mexico and many others – were desperate for a positive outcome. Obama needed a strong deal perhaps more than anyone. The US had confirmed the offer of $100bn to developing countries for adaptation, put serious cuts on the table for the first time (17% below 2005 levels by 2020), and was obviously prepared to up its offer.

Above all, Obama needed to be able to demonstrate to the Senate that he could deliver China in any global climate regulation framework, so conservative senators could not argue that US carbon cuts would further advantage Chinese industry. With midterm elections looming, Obama and his staff also knew that Copenhagen would be probably their only opportunity to go to climate change talks with a strong mandate. This further strengthened China's negotiating hand, as did the complete lack of civil society political pressure on either China or India. Campaign groups never blame developing countries for failure; this is an iron rule that is never broken. The Indians, in particular, have become past masters at co-opting the language of equity ("equal rights to the atmosphere") in the service of planetary suicide – and leftish campaigners and commentators are hoist with their own petard.

An extraordinary Speech by P.J. O'Rourke

from November 19, 2009. Just jump in anywhere and you will find funny gems.

Part 2:

Part 3:

Part 4:

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

IRS Cannot Verify 2/3 of $325 Bil of Stimulus Tax Benefits

TIGTA found that the IRS is unable to verify taxpayer eligibility for the majority of Recovery Act tax benefits and credits at the time a tax return is processed. This includes 13 of the 20 benefits and credits for individual taxpayers and 26 of the tax provisions benefiting businesses.

Doesn't matter whether you call it extortion or taxation

The result is the same.

Is it possible for Obama to tell the Truth?

Not on healthcare.

We know he lied hundreds of times on the campaign trail about taxes.

I am not sure whether he is an egomaniac in denial or a wily ideologue...doesn't really make much difference, the result is the same, we can not trust anything he says.

Twelve Days of Christmas (sort of) by Straight, No Chaser

REALLY Bad Family Christmas Cards


Banks with political ties got bailouts, study shows

Ok, let me see if I got this straight: The study indicates Congress politicized the bailout money and gave it to politically connected companies?

In other news, water is wet.

NEW YORK, Dec 21 (Reuters) - U.S. banks that spent more money on lobbying were more likely to get government bailout money, according to a study released on Monday.

Banks whose executives served on Federal Reserve boards were more likely to receive government bailout funds from the Troubled Asset Relief Program, according to the study from Ran Duchin and Denis Sosyura, professors at the University of Michigan's Ross School of Business.

Banks with headquarters in the district of a U.S. House of Representatives member who serves on a committee or subcommittee relating to TARP also received more funds.

Political influence was most helpful for poorly performing banks, the study found.

"Political connections play an important role in a firm's access to capital," Sosyura, a University of Michigan assistant professor of finance, said in a statement.

TN Republican Party $185k ahead in individual Contributions

For 2010 election cycle through 11-30-09.



C00040220Party QualifiedTennessee

Total Receipts:$893,830
Transfers From Authorized:$0
Individual Contributions:$670,303
Other Committee Contributions:$60,800
Other Loans:$0
Non-Federal Transfers:$141,993

Total Disbursements:$1,004,700
Transfers To Authorized:$0
Contributions To Other Committees:$0
Independent Expenditures:$0
Coordinated Expenditures:$0
Individual Refunds:$0
Other Committee Refunds:$0
Other Loan Repayments:$0
Non-Federal Expenditures:$541,428

Beginning Cash:$106,215
Latest Cash On Hand:$-4,656
Debts Owed By:$0

Through: 11/30/2009



C00167346Party QualifiedTennessee

Total Receipts:$800,512
Transfers From Authorized:$129,293
Individual Contributions:$484,575
Other Committee Contributions:$71,275
Other Loans:$0
Non-Federal Transfers:$101,791

Total Disbursements:$724,477
Transfers To Authorized:$0
Contributions To Other Committees:$0
Independent Expenditures:$0
Coordinated Expenditures:$0
Individual Refunds:$0
Other Committee Refunds:$0
Other Loan Repayments:$0
Non-Federal Expenditures:$306,088

Beginning Cash:$74,397
Latest Cash On Hand:$150,433
Debts Owed By:$0

Through: 11/30/2009

What happens when Democrats "care" about you?

Harkin: Think of health care reform as a starter home

Harkin and other Dems see this bill as just the first step. They clearly want the Federal Government to have an even greater role in our healthcare decision making.

"What we are buying here is a modest home, not a mansion. What we are getting here is a starter home. It's got a good foundation: 30 million Americans are covered. It's got a good roof: A lot of protections from abuses by insurance companies. It's got a lot of nice stuff in there for prevention and wellness. But, we can build additions as we go along in the future. It is a starter home. Think about it in that way," Harkin said by telephone Thursday morning.

Quinnipiac Poll: Huge Majority Oppose Healthcare "Reform"

As the Senate prepares to vote on health care reform, American voters "mostly disapprove" of the plan 53 - 36 percent and disapprove 56 - 38 percent of President Barack Obama's handling of the health care issue, according to a Quinnipiac University poll released today.

Voters also oppose 72 - 23 percent using any public money in the health care overhaul to pay for abortions, the independent Quinnipiac (KWIN-uh-pe-ack) University poll finds.

Monday, December 21, 2009

How much Blood have govt unions sucked from Detroit?

The Detroit Mayor gives us an idea.

"Today in the city of Detroit," he tells me, "our union employee benefits cost 68% of what their base wage is. I don't think that happens in any other place in the country." To give a sense of how excessive those pay packages are, he adds: "When you look at one of the most dominant labor unions in the world, the UAW, they're nowhere close to what we give our city workers."

The mayor is quick to remind me that he is not antiunion. He joined the NBA players association in the late 1960s and hired a mostly unionized workforce at his firm, Bing Steel. But for months he has been locked in tedious negotiations and the aggravation is starting to show.

"The problem for the most part," he argues, "is poor union leadership. I think the rank-and-file aren't being told the truth. And I'm not going to B.S. anybody. I'm going to tell them the truth. They can't continue to ride this gravy train forever."

He poses this question to the city workforce: "Are you better off having a job and making 90% of what you're at today or having no job at all? To me, you don't have to be a brain surgeon to say I'll take that 90%."

Here is a thought, let PARENTS Control education

Phil Bredesen, the same Phil Bredesen that rejected public schools for his own child, wants to change the rules so teachers will be judged by their student's scores.

Been there, done that. Lamar Alexander, as Governor, passed a career ladder program that was supposed to reward teachers for their professional progress. It was a miserable failure because all those who benefit from the abysmal status quo did everything they could to water it down and destroy its effectiveness and they succeeded. Phil Bredesen's attempts at "reform" will meet with the same fate.

If you live in Nashville, Tn, YOUR Governor, YOUR Mayor and YOUR Congressman ALL chose to reject Nashville public schools when it came to educating their own children. Thats is pretty significant so let me repeat: If you live in Nashville, Tn, YOUR Governor, YOUR Mayor and YOUR Congressman ALL chose PRIVATE schools for their own children. And YET, they absolutely refuse to allow poor parents that same power of choice.

Unless and until they address their own hypocrisy, students of poor parents in Nashville and Tennessee will not be as well educated as the children of these politicians.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Can't Republicans come up with someone better

than Mitch McConnell to "respond" if that is what you call this.

For the love of pete, this is awful! This is emotionless, completely devoid of any passion. Hire someone, a spokes-model...somebody who actually can inspire something other than abject indifference.

Ray Stevens - We the People

" vote to let this pass, you gonna be out on your..."

Friday, December 18, 2009

Want to end global warming? Just eliminate capitalism!!

So says Evo Morales, President of Bolivia. Hmmm...seems we have heard this before.

Sinbad Owes $8.15 million to IRS, that IS a bad sin

Comedian/actor Sinbad's financial problems just got a whole lot worse. The Benton Harbor native, who emceed Motown Records' 50th anniversary gala last month, owes more than $8.15 million in delinquent federal taxes and the U.S. Attorney General's office wants his house sold to help satisfy the debt, according to federal court records.

On Dec. 10, an assistant U.S. attorney asked a federal judge to foreclose on several tax liens and determine the 53-year-old comedian (full name Sinbad Adkins) is the true owner of a $1.5 million home in Hidden Hills, Calif. (see below).

15 worst States to Start a Business


Top 5 are:

New Jersey
New York

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Public Option, the movie - 30 seconds

How the Left Sees America-A Self Portrait

This is an extraordinarily articulate visual representation of how the left prefers to see the US. And it is self-chosen.

The proper roll of government for them is as a tool to impose their clearly superior moral and intellectual orthodoxy on the rest of us pathetic fools, supplying our very lifeblood.

HT: Ace

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Union Thugs Threaten Nutcracker Production


No Christmas Decorations allowed in Government Housing

Link to Memphis TV Report

Real Student Default Rates Much Higher Than Previously Known

Of the billions that taxpayers spent to help students attend for-profit colleges and universities in 2007, half will never be repaid, according to Department of Education projections (PDF) released Tuesday.

And the department expects that over 40 percent of the loans granted from 2003 to 2006 to students at for-profit institutions will ultimately be written off.