Friday, January 08, 2010

Democrat calls for Lower taxes in Memphis

City Councilman Shea Flinn says high Memphis property taxes are driving people away and "Spending more money than our neighbors has failed; reduction is the only option left."

All I can say is....wooooow!


This is unpleasant business, but it is necessary business. Just as you can't field a Division I basketball team with players who are only 6 feet tall, we cannot stay competitive when the margin between our neighbors' tax rate and ours continues to grow. This is not a philosophical argument of liberal versus conservative or Republican versus Democrat but an economic reality.

A person can be much chagrined at what a president is doing, but to actually move to some other country is a daunting undertaking. Moving out of Memphis or Shelby County is much more manageable, and people are managing to do it daily. Look at our tax rate again: We have tried to spend more money than our neighbors, and it hasn't worked. Reduction is the only option left.