Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Poll: The French say mais non to Carbon Tax

The article linked below is from a Chinese news agency. Here is a link to a Google translation of the original article. Related: President Sarkozy, who is pushing this tax, is way down in approval polls.

A survey made by the pollster BVA-Avanquest recently and published on Tuesday by French daily La Tribune showed that 58 percent of French people considered the government should not levy the carbon tax, while 34 percent thought it positive to fight global warming.

Notably, the survey indicated a highly unanimous disavowal against the tax among different categories of population.

Among supporters of the ruling party, 52 percent was against the tax while 39 percent supportive. Even among green party supporters, there was a rate of 50 percent versus 47 percent. Besides, 62 percent of Socialist supporters opposed the tax, while only 34 percent supported it.