Friday, January 08, 2010

Hey Google, where is your liberal mojo now?

Google corporate leaders pride themselves on being big government liberals. BUT, when it comes to being singled out to be taxed to support the arts in France they object. And they have highly paid lobbyists so they may be able to fight the tax...

Google fears innovation will be hampered if the French government implements a proposal in a government-commissioned report to tax online advertising revenue to compensate artists.

The proposal, referred to in the French press as "the Google tax," is one of several that attempt to address what former French Minister of Culture Jacques Toubon, co-author of the report, has characterized as "enrichment without end and without consideration," the revenue that Internet companies have collected, ostensibly through the unauthorized exploitation of intellectual property. If adopted, the tax would affect not only Google but also AOL, Microsoft, Yahoo, and other large Internet companies and service providers.