Sunday, January 24, 2010

Most French Civil Unions are straight couples

Interesting but it begs the question: why should government franchise our relationships in the first place.

The politicizing of human relationships is the REAL problem we should be discussing.

Government should stay the hell out of our relationships. It is a profound insult to freedom that we have allowed 535 fools in Congress to micro-manage our relationships though the IRS code and a million other regulations.


The growth of the pacs’ popularity over its first decade is striking. There are now two pacs for every three marriages. Interestingly, this is because of both a significant decline in marriage, and a significant increase in the overall number of people willing to engage in some kind of state-sanctioned relationship. While you would obviously need more finely grained data to establish this properly, the obviously intuitive interpretation of this (at least to me) is that the pacs have grown both by providing an option for people who would probably not have gotten married in the first place, and attracted a number of people who otherwise would have gotten married, but who prefer the pacs’ lower level of formality (it is much easier to cancel a pacs relationship than to get divorced).