Tuesday, January 05, 2010

N.H. Tea Party Coalition plans protests at homes of legislators

ROCHESTER — Plans to protest Sunday at the homes of New Hampshire's three Democratic members of Congress caught the attention of the Capitol Police in Washington but local police say they're not expecting any trouble.

The N.H. Tea Party Coalition, which consists of about 30 activist groups, is planning "simultaneous protests" at the Madbury home of Sen. Jeanne Shaheen, the Rochester home of Rep. Carol Shea-Porter, and the Concord home of Rep. Paul Hodes, all in an effort to "send a direct message," according to an e-mail signed by a Milford organizer.

"We are hoping to send a direct message to our Congressional members who have been voting along the Democrat party-line of big-spending, increased Federal control and frittering away American Liberties, before they go back to Washington and do more damage," Tom Flaherty, a member of the Manchester/Nashua 912 group, wrote in an e-mail Friday drumming up support. "This is our last chance to make it personal. They are clearly not listening to our letter, e-mails, and phone calls."