Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Poor parents in Memphis have way! WAY

Poor parents in Memphis want the same kind of decision making power about their children that Barack Obama and Bill Frist and Phil Bredesen and Karl Dean and Jim Cooper have?? Why, the insolent upstarts....who do they think they are??

The TEA does NOT want parents to have this freedom of choice, of course, so they will fight with all their taxpayer funded might to stop Senator Kelsey.

The Senate Education Committee approved the measure sponsored by Sen. Brian Kelsey that establishes a pilot program whereby students in failing schools would receive scholarships or vouchers to use for a private school education. The bill is written so that the pilot program could only be launched in the Memphis school district, and it was amended so that students in only one school in that district would get the vouchers. (Kelsey had originally proposed including students from the district’s 10 worst schools in the pilot program.)