Thursday, January 07, 2010

Teacher Union President calls parents a "lynch mob"

Teacher union bosses have NEVER, EVER cared about the quality of education. Their laser like focus has always been on accumulating and holding political power. Any threat to that power is met with immediate, vicious attack.


Back when Marty Hittelman was elected president of the California Federation of Teachers in 2007, I referred to him as the “Great White Hope” – expecting he would be a fount of pungent quotes upon the exit of former California Teachers Association President Wayne Johnson. I predicted Hittelman would be a regular in Quote of the Week, but he has been a disappointment in that regard. Until now.

Hittelman made up for lost opportunities when he discovered that California’s Race to the Top legislation includes a provision that would allow a majority of parents to force a school district to overhaul a failing school. In the January 5 issue of Inside CFT, Hittelman refers to the measure this way:

Under the parent trigger (or lynch mob provision) if 50% of the parents at a school or feeder schools of a low performing school sign a petition, the school board must hold a hearing to accept that petition or provide an alternative governance change, which could include closing the school, turning it into a charter school, or reconstituting the school.

The Los Angeles chapter of the National Action Network wants “an immediate and public apology” for the racial overtones of the lynch mob reference. But Hittelman kept digging: