Monday, January 18, 2010

TnTaxRevolt offers to assist in Recall of Metro Nashville Council Members


Tennessee Tax Revolt, Inc.

For Immediate Release Contact: Ben Cunningham

Monday, January 18, 2010 Phone: 615-852-8298

Tennessee Tax Revolt, Inc. offers to assist Nashville Taxpayers in recalling Metro Council Members who vote to force taxpayers to Co-Sign the huge, new Convention Center Debt

Tennessee Tax Revolt, Inc., (TTR) an all-volunteer, non-profit, non-partisan, statewide taxpayer advocacy group, today offered to help Davidson County Taxpayers recall Council Members who vote in favor of the Convention Center project and the huge, new, associated debt.

“The Members of the Metro Council have no right to put the family budgets of Nashville Taxpayers at risk by forcing them to co-sign this huge, new debt. The economy is in recession and family budgets of Nashville taxpayers are more fragile and vulnerable than anytime in recent memory.” said Ben Cunningham, spokesman for Tennessee Tax Revolt, Inc.

“The recall process is very straight forward and easy to follow for a small group of motivated taxpayers.” said Cunningham. “Approximately 1,000 signatures are required to initiate a recall in a Council district and these signatures can be gathered by direct mail or door to door canvassing.”

“The recall process was used successfully in 2009 for the first time to recall a member of the Nashville Metro Council and we are happy to work with taxpaying citizens who believe their representative on the Metro Council will betray the will of the people by voting for this huge, new debt.” said Cunningham.

“Tennessee Tax Revolt is proud of our six year record of assisting the citizens of Tennessee in petitioning for wheel tax reductions, sales tax reductions, home rule, charter amendments, and other ballot items. TTR was especially proud to be a part of the petition drive that resulted in the 2006 Charter Amendment which now requires voter approval of property tax rate increases in Davidson County.”

A recent independent poll by WSMV TV and an earlier poll by the Nashville City Paper both showed very strong opposition to the Convention Center project by citizens of Nashville-Davidson County. In addition, a major debt rating agency has recently indicated the debt rating of Nashville will suffer if the huge, new debt is approved. A debt downgrade will cost taxpayers even more by increasing the interest expense of this huge, new debt. The property tax rate in Davidson County is already significantly higher than surrounding counties and will almost certainly increase next year back up to the limit allowed by the recently passed charter amendment.

“Nashville-Davidson County Taxpayers deserve a loud and clear voice in the Metro Council and if the recall process is the only way for the voices of taxpayers to be heard then we are happy to be part of that process.” said Cunningham. “Nashville Citizens may contact us by calling 615-852-8298 or by emailing”

A sample recall petition is attached.