Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Why are Liberals upset with Obama?

Because Obama can't persuade the unwashed masses of the clear superiority of liberal orthodoxy. If he were a "real" communication superstar he would, the liberals believe, be able to push the great middle class toward the quiet acceptance of a life lead at the end of a government leash.

This blog post says it all:

This gets at, I think, an underappreciated aspect of liberal disappointment with Obama: On multiple fronts, Obama seems to be abandoning the idea that Dems can win arguments and achieve fundamental shifts in public opinion.
The White House was caught off guard by the left’s vehement demand that he draw a line on the public option. But that fight was really a proxy for a larger argument over the proper role of government in people’s lives. Liberals desperately wanted Obama to fight for the public option because they wanted him to engage, and to win, that larger argument, in order to drive a stake through the heart of what Paul Krugman called “government-is-bad fundamentalism.”