Thursday, February 04, 2010

Ed Rollins compares Perot Phenom to TeaParties

The Tea Party movement is issue-driven and remains in a stronger place without an out-front leader, such as Palin. The issues alone can drive a lot of Americans to take up the cause of lower taxes and more fiscal restraint.

Even though the Perot campaign was erratic and he quit midstream, the movement lived on and produced 19 million votes in the presidential election. (I resigned within two months due to conflicts with Perot over the campaign's strategy and he quit a day later, only to return in the last weeks)

Even though many of the activists wanted to establish a new political party, being part of a movement was sufficient for many. The results made the political establishment take notice and may have cost President Bush his second term.
Many of those activists helped Republicans win the Congress in 1994. And they may again in the coming midterm elections. But Republicans shouldn't take the Tea Party activists for granted. They share many of the same issues, such as being appalled at rising deficits and out of control spending, but they are mostly independent voters and will make their choices on which candidate best represents their views, regardless of party.