Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Five ways bloggers can use OpenCongress.org

OpenCongress.org is an exceptional resource for bloggers. Highly recommended.

Political engagement is what we care about the most at OpenCongress. We think it’s fundamental for fighting corruption, dysfunction and apathy in our government. That’s why we’re striving to make the best primary source information on Congress for political bloggers to use. Every page on OpenCongress gives you—

The best one-page summary — all the crucial official information on bills, issues, senators and reps. is available at-a-glance on a single page.

The ability to write your members of Congress — login (or register) to your free “My OpenCongress” account, and emailing your federal elected officials about a bill is just one click away.

A chance to create political networks — use our pages to coordinate actions with people that feel the same way as you on an issue. OpenCongress pages have created powerful coalitions that have affected legislation.

Information in context — Rather than just showing bills, senators, reps. and issues, we let you know you which ones people are paying the most attention to on the internet and which ones are “hot.”

Here are five ways bloggers and journalists can use OpenCongress right now to help shed more light on D.C. and give people the information they need to hold power accountable: