Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Too Many Apologies, we don't need to hear them.

Thomas Sowell: "Tiger Woods doesn't owe me an apology. Nothing that he has ever done has cost me a dime nor an hour of sleep. Public apologies to people who are not owed any apology have become one of the many signs of the mushy thinking of our times.

So are apologies for things that somebody else did. When somebody who has never owned a slave apologizes for slavery to somebody who has never been a slave, then what began as mushy thinking has degenerated into theatrical absurdity-- or, worse yet, politics."

Warren Meyer: "I saw some news story that Tiger Woods was going to publicly apologize. Why? What did he do to me? I suppose he could apologize to us for letting us down by under-performing his public image, but he has taken a $100 million a year hit for the damage he did to his own image. I am willing to call things square between us."