Thursday, February 25, 2010

Wow! That Astro-turfing works GREAT

Here are some Local Tea Party Headlines from around the US in the last few days. Nancy Pelosi must be right. These people can't possibly be doing this stuff on their own. American Citizens don't do the civic involvement thing anymore...DO THEY?

Chester County PA Tea Party Leaders interviewed

Tea Party hosts health care meeting (MI)

Tea Party gains more favor among Ohioans

Tea party movement looks for cohesive voice in Frederick (MD)

Holliston woman leads a new Boston Tea Party

Commissioners hear plans for Tea Party (Warren Cnty PA)

Tea Party here plans first anniversary (Pittsburg PA)

Tea Party group to meet in Roscoe (WI)

Fayette Tea Party group widens its umbrella to all of south metro (GA)

Conservatives: ‘Meet me in Mill Valley’ “the largest gathering of conservatives in the Bay Area.” (CA)

Teacups are rattling at GOP's base (TX)

Local TEA party draws about 100 (MN)

Southern Tier TEA Party Holds Rally (NY)

Utah legislators energize states' rights rally

Oakland County (MIchigan) Tea Party defeats tax hike

Group promotes lower spending, less government (Ga)

Austin TX Tea Party Patriots Complete Video Gov Candidate interviews

Patriot Dame: Dana Loesch

Tea party power: F&M poll finds conservative clout in Pa.