Monday, March 01, 2010

Again with the Astro-turfing...OK, Nancy, one more time

Nancy Pelosi is still convinced the Tea Parties are not really grassroots? I doubt that she really believes it...but just in case, here are more local Tea Party Headlines from the last few days (all new since the last post)

Albuquerque Tea Party hosts hosts GOP gubernatorial debate (NM)

Christy Mihos courts Tea Party members at Westborough breakfast (MA)

Protesters stage tea party in Independence (IA)

Tea Party Celebrates 1st Anniversary (FL)

Why I joined the York 912 Patriots By ANITA MARCHESANI (PA)

2010 South Dakota Tea Party Summit Tomorrow

Tea party seeks recall of Dem. senators, (NJ)

Despite two votes against, tea party coming to Hanover (PA)

Tea Party hosting anti-Halvorson rally (IL),4_1_JO26_TEAPARTY_S1-100226.article

Tea Party party (GA)

Poll says voters want cleaning of House and Senate (FL)

Anger brewing, Tea Party movement spreads (MA)

Municipal Candidates face question from Hurley and Santa Clara constituents (NM)

Local lawyer emerges as face of Tea Party movemen

Meet the force behind Houston's Tea Party movement

5th District GOP Debate (VA)

Congressional hopefuls vie on constitutional issues (TN)

Dallas Tea Party crowd's message is clear: 'We're not gonna take it' (TX)

St Louis Tea Party celebrates anniversary (MO)

Tea Party could shake county's one-party system (TX)

Political discontent spreading for both parties (PA)

TEA Party group celebrates one-year (WA)

T.O. Tea Party fervor undiluted at rally in rain (CA)

How far can Tea Party rise? (MI)

No rainout for tea partyers (WA)

Tea Party building up steam here (KY)

Demonstrators protest cap and trade in front of Lindsay Graham's office (SC)

Local Tea Party plans to boost its activities (VA)

Tea Party rally opposes big government (CA)