Monday, March 01, 2010

Public employee union bosses don't give a damn

about taxpayers or poor people. In fact, they don't give a damn about anything or anyone except themselves. And that is perfectly OK. They should be able to advocate for their own self-interest but lets stop pretending they do anything else.

(Chicago) Taking a page from union groups that have held Wal-Mart back, the ministers say they will support candidates in favor of the store with political advertising and urge their congregants to vote against dissenters.

"The pressure must be applied, starting with the mayor," says the Rev. Larry Roberts of Trinity All Nations Ministries on the South Side. "The procrastination is just bringing more damage to the city and the communities."

Detroit --Mayor Dave Bing today criticized leaders of the city's largest union for foot-dragging on contract negotiations, saying it's costing the financially strapped city $500,000 a month and could result in more layoffs.

"Either they can't read, they can't add or they can't comprehend," Bing said at a press conference this morning in his office at City Hall. "It has to be one of the three.