Monday, March 08, 2010

Take the Town Halls to Washington-Time to go to DC

Tea Party activists are headed to DC to Take the Town Halls to Washington. Please join us TODAY to STOP Obamacare.

Project Summary:

If members of Congress won't come to their constituents, their constituents will come to them.

That's why we're launching "Take the Town Halls to Washington" on March 9, and we will keep this project going until March 31, 2010, or whenever Congress leaves for Easter recess.

The idea is to bring a tea party town hall to the 66 members of the House of Representatives whose support of Obamacare is wavering. We want to let them know there is only one vote their constituents will support: No on Obamacare. We are asking local tea party activists to travel to Washington during this period, and make sure that each of these 66 members is reminded every day that if they fail to vote against Obamacare, they will be voted out of office in November.