Monday, March 01, 2010

WaPo: Hugo Chavez's violent, murderous socialism

This WaPo editorial details the gruesome history of Hugo Chavez's iron fist rule in Venezuela. He is a murderous egomaniac who treats his citizens as stepping stones to another North Korea-like cult of grand leader worship.

Link HT: Red State
Particularly shocking is the commission's account of the role that violence and murder have played in Mr. Chávez's concentration of power. The report documents killings of journalists, opposition protesters and farmers; it says that 173 trade union leaders and members were slain between 1997 and 2009 "in the context of trade union violence, with contract killings being the most common method for attacking union leaders." The report says that in 2008 Venezuela's human rights ombudsman recorded 134 complaints of arbitrary killings by security forces, 87 allegations of torture and 33 cases of forced disappearance. It also asserts that radical groups allied with Mr. Chávez "are perpetrating acts of violence with the involvement or acquiescence of state agents."