Friday, April 09, 2010

Illinois has the most corrupt politicians in the Country

and that is the opinion of Illinois voters.

Democrats, Republicans, and independents in Illinois can agree on one thing when it comes to politics in the state: they think they have the most corrupt politicians in the country.

57% of Illinois voters express that sentiment to 24% who disagree and 19% who are unsure. Republicans are the most solid in that belief, holding it by an 82/9 margin. But a majority of independents (53/27) and a plurality of Democrats (43/32) do as well.

Perhaps the greatest indicator that Illinois is unusually corrupt is that fewer than half of voters in the state think Rod Blagojevich is the most corrupt Governor of the last half century. 42% of voters say he is followed by 29% for George Ryan, a total of 6% for older Governors Otto Kerner and Daniel Walker, and 22% who aren't sure.