Saturday, April 03, 2010

Naples Tea Party: We will NOT 'Tone it down'

The Naples Tea Party continues to reach out to every American who values liberty and the unrestrained individual freedoms that come with personal responsibility, including those within the Spanish community. A special thanks to Tea Party Patriots Ileana Ramos and Ed Lopez, who were interviewed by local TV Channel 14 Azteca America's Carlos Zapata. The segment will air on Monday the 4th of April and we will forward a YouTube version once we receive it.

Naples Tea Party teams and local groups are working very hard in promoting the April 15th Tea Party to be held at the intersection of Pine Ridge Road and US 41, starting at 12 noon and running till 2:00. Everyone must continue to keep up the good work in promoting this event.........only two-weeks till show-time.

Let us not get discouraged nor dispirited with all the negative publicity directed towards the Tea Party movement and the individuals and groups that support it.

Remain clear in the objective and focused in our resolve that we are making a difference in the effort to slow down and ultimately stop the complete government takeover of our lives.