Monday, April 19, 2010

"Outlook Grim for Postal Service" - Hold on to your wallet

Unfortunately, the Postal Worker Unions have much greater political clout than taxpayers so the unions will continue to benefit from the postal monopoly and taxpayers will get the huge bill. This is how DC works and its just one more reason why the Tea Party movement will continue to grow.

Even if anyone knew how to fix the Postal Service - an independent agency written into the Constitution - Congress, regulators and postal management are at loggerheads over what to do next.

Its main customers are not waiting to find out. Businesses of all kinds foresee a death spiral of shrinking service and rising prices and are getting out as fast as they can, encouraging their patrons to use digital alternatives such as electronic bill payment, e-mail document delivery and Web catalog shopping.

Since its peak delivery of 213 billion pieces of mail in 2006, volume has dropped 17 percent, to 177 billion pieces this year. Average deliveries have fallen from five pieces of mail to four, and Potter said that's headed fast to just three.

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