Thursday, April 01, 2010

Tea Party Headlines for Thursday April 1

A sampling of Tea Party Headlines

Albany Tea Party to celebrate one year (NY)

Boone Tea Party meetings growing (KY)

Americans for Prosperity to host tea party (NC)

Tea party cheers as Tennessee Health Freedom Act advances

West Chester Tea Party Looks to 2010 Election (OH)

Black Tea Partier Refutes Racism Charges

Denver Tea Party rally draws hundreds,0,6670707.story

Tea party group rallies in Fargo (ND);

Tea Party leader a surprise hit on Letterman show

The Five Craziest Attacks on Tea Parties

Anti-Teaparty PAC Leader Craig Varoga debates Tea Party Patriots Debbie Dooley;housing

Tea partiers embrace liberty not big government

Rep. Wally Herger speaks to local Tea Party group (CA)