Friday, April 16, 2010

Tea Party News Headlines for Friday April 16

A (very small) Sampling of Tea Party Headlines

More than 1,000 gather at Iowa Capitol for tea party rally

Tea party rally draws thousands to state Capitol (WI)

Anti-tax rally draws 10,000 from throughout the Bay Area

3,000 attend Spokane Tea Party (WA)

Tea Party members rally amid calls to unite (IL)

Video: Thousands of North Texans Rally for Change

Tea Party protests in park (WA)

Tax Day draws big crowd at State Capitol (CO),0,6313080.story

Tax day brings out protesters (MN)

Tea Party Protest Held In Sacramento

Thousands attend Tea Party rally (VA)

Their patience taxed: Disgruntled citizens take their message to the
streets in Dover (NH)

One-year anniversary draws a crowd to Kokomo Event Center (IN)

Tea Party rallies on tax day across Washington St

Tea party ends tour in capital it loves to hate

No Room for Incumbents (TN)

Enthusiasm reigns at Statehouse tea party rally (IN)

Hundreds turn out for Salem, Ore., tea party rally

Humboldt's tax day protest: Hundreds turn out for event at county
courthouse (CA)

Tea Parties Pour Anti-Tax Message Across Triad (NC)

Amarillo Tea Party Patriots: A subdued gathering (TX)

Tea party speakers lash out at government (AL)

Tea Party protests big government in Mission Viejo (CA)

Tea Partiers Cry Socialism In White Plains (NY)

Tea Party activists rally at Statehouse (OH)

Tax day demonstration in Naples (FL)

Tea Party demonstrators in Springfield out in force on income tax due date (MA)

Tea Party in Rome brings out tax protesters (NY)

Tea partiers protest direction of country (MD)

About 200 rally at peaceful Tax Day Tea Party (MS)

Eugene Tea Party: If it's Got Tax in the Title Vote No (OR)

There's plenty to say about Obama at Brunswick tea party rally (GA)

Tax Day Tea Party not as large as last year but still draws hundreds (FL)

Thousands Attend Cincinnati Tea Party Event (OH)

Tax Day Tea Party rally in Salt Lake City

In Vt., tea party protests government spending

More than 1,000 rally at Oklahoma tea party event

Tax Day Tea Party Rally Draws Hundreds in Wheeling (WV)

Tea Party Brings out Emotions in Taxpayers (IA)

Local Tea Party Supporters Rally Downtown (KY)