Tuesday, April 27, 2010

TNInvestco: Taxpayer funded Crony, Corrupt Capitalism

The Tennessee Center for Policy Research via their website Tennessee.watchdog.org continues to do a stellar job of documenting the TNInvestco debacle.

The surest way to ruin the free market is to put politicians in charge of choosing winners and losers. Especially when all important decisions are made in secret. The is an insult to taxpayers and an open invitation to corruption. If there is one thing the "Tennessee Waltz" investigation taught us, it is that corruption will be the direct result of this sort of crony capitalism.

Nothing good can come of this secretive slush fund. And Republicans are leading the way to expand this crony capitalism. The entrepreneurs and investors of Tennessee are quite capable of conducting their business without vote-seeking, publicity-seeking politicians "helping" them.

Thank you Clint Brewer and TCPR for leading the investigation on this abuse of government power.