Thursday, April 22, 2010

TPN Protest at Bail Out Bob Corker's Office at 5PM today

Tea Party Nation is organizing a protest today, Thursday, April 22nd at 5PM in Front of Corker's Nashville Office. Please come if you are available:

Friends, once more we need your help. Bail out Bob is still on the fence. Corker is the vote the Democrats could peel away to break a filibuster and allow "financial reform" to make it to the Senate floor and be voted on. We must convince Corker to show some backbone.

1. Please keep the calls to his office coming: 615-279-8125
2. There will be an event in front of his office, in Nashville, at 5 PM (on April 22). We need your help. Tell your friends about it and show up, if only for a little while. With "Healthcare" they took over 1/6 of the economy. This is the measure that will give them the other 5/6. We must stop it now!

Corker's office is at 3322 West End Ave. Please come by, bring signs and flags and let's send Bail out Bob a message.