Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Brandon Lewis creates www.StoptheTaxIncrease.com

to stop the 64 cent property tax hike in Chattanooga.

Chattanooga business owner Brandon Lewis goes global with his fight against the proposed property tax increase. He said, "We're asking for a no cents tax increase because this makes no sense whatsoever."

Lewis launched www.StoptheTaxIncrease.com and it's Facebook counterpart to organize Chattanoogans to get no votes from their city councilmen.

Mayor Ron Littlefield responded Monday. He said, "We'd all love to stop the tax increase if we could provide the additional services, the additional police officers and all that is required by that tax increase."

Littlefield's proposed tax increase would make Chattanooga's mill rate the third highest in the state for comparable cities and counties. That means homeowners in Knoxville would pay less per $1,000 of home value than these homeowners here on Jefferson Street in Chattanooga.