Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The kind of healthcare innovation we must have

But the kind of innovation that is easily killed by nanny government or a doctor's lobby that will go to any lengths to protect their monopoly.

Nancy Kjellberg's allergies were insufferable again, with sharp sinus pain and her nose so stuffed up it was hard to breathe.

She didn't want to go to the doctor. This time, she didn't have to.

Kjellberg, 59, simply charged $25 to her credit card and spent a few minutes answering an online survey at Zipnosis.com. Hours later, she received a diagnosis electronically and picked up antibiotics at her pharmacy, without ever talking to the clinician in person or on the phone.

"I would rather be doing other things than going to the doctor's office," said Kjellberg, a retired production planner who lives in Big Lake, Minn. "If you have ever had any of these things, you pretty much know what's wrong with you."