Sunday, May 30, 2010

Tea Party Mindset takes over a small Michigan Town

The uproar in Flushing Township started after the township board decided days after a failed police millage increase in May 2008 to put it back on the ballot in November. That peeved residents such as Ken Bueche.

“It was like my vote didn’t count,” said Bueche, 63, who supported Tea candidates. “It made me mad and I said it’s time to make a change.”

Subsequently, a majority of the board was ousted in August 2008 giving seats to Gardner, who teamed up with Tea-minded Mark Purkey, Bill Noecker and Don Schwieman.
They gained a fifth with incumbent Democrat Scott Minaudo, joined their voting block after the election.

Schwieman started moving away from the Tea ideals in 2009 and was recalled earlier this year after residents complained about his new policies and a drunk driving arrest.

He was replaced with Peck, a vocal proponent of cutting government spending.
The Flushing Township board has cut vastly, from the township park to the police department.