Saturday, May 15, 2010

Tea Party News Headlines for Saturday May 15

A sampling of Tea Party Headlines across the US

Video: Will the Tea Party movement change California politics?

Palin endorsing Susana Martinez in NM gov race

Tea party: Dark side of conservatism

Video: Interview of Jim Pinkerton, The Tea Party Makes You Feel Good About America

How Rand Paul became the Tea Party's Obama

Companies Dodge $60 Billion in Taxes Even Tea Party Condemns

Kentucky Senate race looks set to boost the 'tea party,' Rand Paul

Tea Party gets behind a candidate (ID)

Palin, Jenny Sanford help underdog in SC gov race

Sarah Palin at National Rifle Association lobs laughing crowd with 'redneck' jokes

Saturday political forum draws 31 candidates (AL)

TEA party set for Tuesday (IL)