Sunday, May 16, 2010

Tea Party News Headlines for Sunday May 16

A Sampling of Tea Party News across the US

BREAKING: Fake Tea Party Run by Democrats in Michigan Trying to Become official Third Party!

Keli Carender takes Tea Party's mixed messages to the streets (WA)

Socialists host Tea Party on campus (WA)

Local 9-12 Project members discuss liberty, Constitution (MD),0,7787200.story

Tea Party-Backed Repeal Of The 17th Amendment Gets Republicans Into Trouble

Video: Chris Matthews on Maine GOP Platform Change

Unions fuel third party to punish Democrats (NC)

Will Tea Party have a big impact on Oregon primaries? Only if there
are some surprises

Rendell aims to be skunk at tea party

Ohio's first Election Day "tea party" fizzles: Brent Larkin

Tea, eggs and issues (GA)

Tea Party, Democrats fight over NASA funding