Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Tea Party News Headlines for Wednesday May 19

A Sampling of Tea Party Headlines across the US

Paul Vows to Remain True to the Tea Party

Myrtle Beach Tea Party endorses Kobrovsky (SC)

CNN: Rand Paul's victory also a win for Tea Party

The Tea Party's Other Victory in KY

Organizers hopeful for a turnout of about 2,000 people at Gatlinburg Tea Party (TN)

Democratic Party of New Mexico "Tea Bagger" email slams Martinez

VIDEO: Tea Party/Americans for Prosperity picket office of Senate President Sweeney (NJ)

Tea party seeks Battle Creek connection (MI)

St. Louis Teapartier Gina Loudon Wants You to BUYcott Stuff Associated With Arizona

The tip of the Tea Party iceberg

Primaries test incumbents' durability, tea party

Plausible deniability: Al Gore at a tea party in Monterey

Libertarians Hope Tea Will Fuel Movement In Maine